Unhappy Birthday, Steven Patrick Morrissey.

I’ve come to wish you an unhappy birthday.

Because you’re evil and you lie and if you should die.

I may feel slightly sad but I won’t cry.

-Unhappy Birthday; Strangeways, Here We Come; The Smiths-

Sangat ikonik, bung.


Gue udah hafal semua lirik lagu yang disebut disini. Chris Martin wannabe sih.

It was a rainy day on a violet hill and I was lost! I could hear clocks ticking in my place inside my head and I felt the rush of blood to the head. But everything’s not lost since I could see christmas lights not far away which gave me proof that it might be 42 minutes away. I could see a little bit of daylight. I kept thinking don’t panic and it gave me a warning sign because the hardest part is to try to stay out of trouble and not stuck in square one. So I kept on walking where I saw what looked like a strawberry swing where I could see someone sitting. She had green eyes and turns out she knew where I wanted to go..“Yes” was what she said and it put a smile upon my face. Then eager to go home, I ran at high speed at a speed of sound then reached home still shivering. Got a few postcards from far away. One was from the scientist whom I met when I was in Amsterdam. Not only am I easy to please but turns out that the message he sent me was once shallowed in the sea where it was stolen by spies.